Invisalign® Vivera Retainer

At RockCenter Orthodontics in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, we offer Invisalign’s Vivera retainers to our patients. Your smile is an important part of who you are and professional orthodontic treatments can go a long way toward helping you to obtain the smile of your dreams. While braces are the most common way to adjust the teeth to their proper position, the process certainly doesn’t end once the appliances come off. In fact, many orthodontists believe that proper correction and retention lasts a lifetime.

Why Are Retainers So Crucial to Long-Term Orthodontic Success?

Once braces are removed, the inclination of the teeth is to move back to their original position, putting you right back where you started. Orthodontists discovered a great solution to the problem – the retainer. Using the retainer, patients can keep their teeth looking great and avoid spending more time and money having their orthodontic treatments repeated in the future. After all, any form of orthodontic treatment is an investment so why risk losing that investment when a solution so readily exists?

Why Choose Vivera Retainers Over Other Alternatives?

Vivera retainers, created by Align Technology, have a number of benefits that make them attractive to both orthodontists and patients alike. Unlike Hawley retainers, Vivera appliances are virtually invisible and are custom-made from thermoplastic instead of metal and thick plastic. Not only does this make them far more comfortable to wear, it also ensures a more exacting fit to promote ease of use as well as efficacy.

Utilizing the same technology that has made Invisalign so very effective and popular, Vivera retainers offer many advantages over other clear retainers as well. Tests have shown that Vivera appliances are up to 30% stronger than their clear counterparts, making these retainers far more durable and able to hold the teeth in their proper location. Additionally, Vivera retainers have even been found to make small corrections to the alignment of the teeth when needed, in the event of minor regression.

What Should You Expect From Your Vivera Retainer?

Vivera retainers come in a set that includes four custom-made appliances. The goal is to provide you with the maximum retention benefits possible. Depending upon your particular situation and needs, you’ll likely need to wear your retainers either full-time or while sleeping. More and more practices, ours included, recommend that retainer use continues for a lifetime so as to prevent any regression that could require significant, expensive further treatment.

Storing a Retainer Between Uses

There’s a good chance you’ll only need to wear a removable retainer overnight, so what’s the best way to store it during the day? Keep in mind that harmful bacteria thrive in enclosed environments that are dark and damp, so it’s best to store a retainer somewhere dry and open to the air. (This applies to toothbrushes too.) There are some types of retainers that need to be soaked while not being worn, so check with us on the specific needs of your retainer.

Do Retainers Really Matter This Much?

The reason we need retainers after braces is that the supporting structures around our teeth aren’t immediately used to their new position when the braces come off. The jaw bone and periodontal ligament need time to finish adjusting. Patients who don’t bother to wear their retainers might end up needing braces again before long. Nobody wants that to happen.

How Can You Request Vivera Retainers For Yourself?

Vivera retainers are an excellent retention method for many patients in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, even for those who have worn traditional metal braces as opposed to Invisalign appliances. If you’re nearing the end of your orthodontic treatment, simply make an appointment with us to discuss your options and mention your interest in Vivera. If, like many of our patients, you are a good candidate for these retainers, an impression will be made of your teeth and the retainers made to fit your smile and your smile alone. After all, the health and beauty of your smile is why we do what we do.

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