iTero Lets You Say Goodbye
To Dental Impressions

RockCenter Orthodontics New York | Dr. Joseph Hung -
Our office is equipped with the iTero Scanner, a digital impression system that makes your experience in our office more pleasant.  We know a lot of patients are afraid of impressions and fully understand how uncomfortable it is to have “goop” in your mouth from outdated impression techniques.

Get A 3D Map Of Your Mouth In Seconds

In the old days, in order to plan a patient’s orthodontic treatment and to prepare their invisible aligner trays or their clear retainers, we had to take the patient’s dental impression — and it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can now get all the information we need to plan your orthodontic treatment with a quick scan of the inside of your mouth, no dental impressions required.

RockCenter Orthodontics New York | Dr. Joseph Hung -The Benefits of Digital Impressions

  • 50% Faster Clincheck setups for our patients.
  • Simulated outcomes for patients:  Our patients have a clear idea of what their teeth will look like at the end of orthodontic treatment.
  • No goop in your mouth from impressions, so no mess and gagging associated with PVS impressions.

Does iTero Use Radiation?

Unlike certain types of medical scanning equipment, including dental X-rays, the iTero scanner does not have to expose the patient to any radiation in order to do its job. As small as the risk is from the levels of exposure involved with other scanning equipment, with iTero, you don’t have to worry at all about any risks outweighing the benefits.

Enjoy Putty-Free Intraoral Scanning At RockCenter Orthodontics

RockCenter Orthodontics is one of the few practices in Manhattan to invest in advanced 3D scanning technology for orthodontics. Our goal has always been to be a leader in orthodontics and Invisalign by delivering the best possible results for each patient and exceptional patient experience.  Contact us today to see if Invisalign and the iTero digital impression system is right for you.